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Make the Most from Freelancing by Effectively Promoting Your Online Freelance Business Services
For a freelancer, having a professional presence in their area is of prime importance, be it the internet or offline. The latest equipment and the best technology will not be of any use without that much required 'presence'. This presence is what builds credibility and is acquired by marketing your services in an appropriate and effective manner.
Marketing your freelancing services begins with marketing yourself. You would understand what I am trying to say, if you look at yourself as a 'Brand' that requires a very high level of marketing. Just as companies have reputation, each person you meet offline or interact with online, forms an opinion about you and this reputation (positive of course) is what creates a brand.
There are several ways to promote your services on the internet, through email, websites, articles, e-books, and several others.

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Sending e-mails is a great way to let people know about yourself and your services. Send emails to people who you are connected with in some way, such as organizations that you belong to or various groups that you are a member of, or to people that have requested you to. Create signature files with details of your name, address, telephone and links to your websites (if you have a website). A small description of what you do and contact information should be sufficient to peak the interest of people.
You can start sending newsletters. Never send too many and watch the pace at which your newsletters reach people. There should be a decent gap between each. Make readers aware of your services through these newsletters. This may require a little bit of knowledge. Read all about newsletters and how they are done, as these could really be a great help to a freelancer.
Now, here is one of free ways of marketing freelancing services. You can start writing articles and send them to website owners, relating to the topic of their website and have a bio box at the bottom of the article, giving details about your services and this would work better if you have your own website, where they can link to.
When marketing offline, you can use newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, press conferences, and advertisements, to market your services. Giving your telephone number as a point of contact is a must. Then finally, if someone calls showing interest in your services, it becomes inevitable for you to meet them, unlike online when all your services can be marketed without actually coming face-to-face with your client.

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For your offline freelance marketing, remember that you may be asked to submit documentation in relation to your services. Do not be intimidated, although initially when you are new, it may happen, do not show it ever. Be professional to the core.
Do your homework before meeting a prospective client. Get as much information about them as you possibly can. Proper preparation and presentation is the key. Write down the information about what you want the client to know about you and why they should use your services. What is different about you? Do you think just telling them that you are going to do a great job is going to help? NO. Ask questions about their needs and get them to ask you the right questions. Definitely takes some smartness. Use the word 'help', whether online or offline. Make them feel that you are willing to help them and once they understand that, then get the ball rolling.
Whatever method you choose to use, the first and foremost marketing technique that will land you projects is to be able to differentiate yourself from competition. Your clients should begin to see you as their preferred choice. Remember, it's never about what you do, it's always about what you do different that sets you apart from your competition. Work on writing the greatest copy so that your message gets into the minds of your prospective clients.
If you do not taste success in the beginning, persist, and persistence pays off. If you give up, you would never know what could have been. Let your services speak of you, let them bring forth your personality. Aping will not get you anywhere and clients cannot associate you with a particular style.
Focus remains the one most crucial aspect that will take you to great heights in your freelancing career. You have to market in such a way that your clients understand they are going to save money and get quality by hiring your services.
Important aspects of marketing are public relations, direct mail, newsletters, discounts, sponsorship, word of mouth and other tactics of communication. Have a vision and a goal and center your marketing around that. Do not go in a hundred different directions and confusing yourself as well as others.
Once you ensure you have a proper plan on what you are going to be marketing and how you are going about it, and what benefits you are showing your prospective clients, it will be extremely effortless to sell yourself and in turn your services, because people will understand your message loud and clear.
Finally, remember that your reputation is your best marketing manager. Good reputation stands the test of time. You may come across erratic and unreasonable clients, but it is up to you to maintain your calm and take it in your stride. Establish trust in your prospect's mind and you are halfway inside the door. The more people trust you, the more popular you become and offers will come to you knocking at your door.

Freelancing is all about attracting more business with very less effort.

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