“Senior Business Administration Professional with 12 years experience of implementing leading-edge policies”

  • Strong and effective organizational and communication skills.
  • Versatile and learns new tasks/skills quickly.
  • Highly motivated with experience in banking.
  • First-class analytical, design and problem solving skills.
  • Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.
  • Experienced in day-to-day management of organization and staff with commercial accountability for planning, organizing and directing all technical services.
  • Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.
  • Good team player with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.


  • Experience with company accounts and bookkeeping using MRP/ERP. Results-driven, logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives.
  • Excellent Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project experience.
  • Strong planning, organizing and monitoring abilities. Uses initiative to meet and resolve challenges.
  • Strong and effective organizational and communication skills.
  • Forward-thinking HR manager with proven ability to take a leadership role and influence management's strategic path.
  • Experience in gauging and filling the employment needs of the company and bringing on board new skill sets leading to business growth.
  • Entrepreneurial and pro-active - strong drive and keen business mind. Ability to identify and develop opportunities.
  • Proven experience with design and production both for terry towel and cotton cloth.
  • Proven ability to manage and improve sales turnover in a short period of time. Outstanding skills in assessing what is needed, recommending sensible solutions, and effectively motivating staff to implement them through teamwork.


As Accounts Manager,
  • Implemented new accounting and bill payment system.
  • Increased company cash flow by carefully managing billings and payments, which enabled company to buy and sell more stock each month, thus increasing sales.
  • Designed forms to expedite billing system and improved work productivity 50%.

As General Manager,
  • Estimated unit costs, performed take-offs and obtained production orders working directly with the General Contractors.
  • Supervised crews of up to 55 people including weaving masters, job-men, weavers, office staff and general laborer personnel. Provided improved work environment for 60 People company in busy administration practice. Calmed labor's fears, created comfortable atmosphere, and acted as emotional support.
  • Handled full range of administrative secretarial duties-scheduling, work hours, attendance, payroll etc.
  • Eliminated labor unionism and other socio-political threats like labor strikes, vandalism, extortion etc.

As Production Manager,

  • Established production standards of efficiency, ensuring minimum waste and maximum utilization of resources (machines, raw material and manpower).
  • Successfully supervised production processes to ensure implementation of company standards and ISO-9000.
  • Coordinated the handling, storage, and flow of finished product through the warehouse.
  • Received daily production and shipping plan; adjusted storage space so that excess can be stored in warehouse.


2004 - 2009: Syed Brothers
Position: General Manager

As General Manager, I managed & supervised the entire business of all factories with the assistance of 4 associates, for 5 years (2004 ~ March, 2009). Summarizing general management is not an easy job but still, some of my major duties were;

  • Management of Accounts section, Production units, Processing factory, Administration block, Shipping company etc. by reading reports and visiting.
  • Orders arrangement of bathrobes, bathing sets, bar mops and other goods made of towel and cloth from local parties.
  • Cost-effective purchasing of cotton yarn, packing materials, office stationary, office machines, machines, hardware for machines etc. from various suppliers.
  • Dealing with over-head manufacturers for toll manufacture.
  • Making annual contracts of maintenance regarding power generators, heavy machines, office machines etc. with various contractors.
  • Meetings with various government departments such as excise and taxation, labor division, department of medium and small industries etc. and reporting to Director.
2000 - 2004: Syed Brothers
Position: Production Manager

As Production Manager, I managed & supervised the production routine of all factories with the assistance of 5 associates, for 4 years (2000 ~ 2004). Under this hectic management, some of my major duties were;

  • Tracking and control of daily production of terry cloth, towel, bathrobes, hand towels, bath towels, bar mops etc. on daily bases - and reporting to General Manager & Director on daily, week and bimonthly bases.
  • Maintaining the yarn stocks for weaving by sending purchase demands to General Manager for cotton yarn beforehand.
  • Maintaining the stock of packing material by sending purchase demands to General Manager for mercerized thread, plastic bags, cartons, adhesives etc beforehand.
  • Delivering yarn to weaving departments, terry cloth and towel to processing unit and deliveries to parties within time.

1997 - 2000: Syed Brothers
Position: Accounts & Finance Manager

As Accounts & Finance Manager, I managed & supervised the entire accounts department consisted of 3 associates, for 3 years (1997 ~ 2000). I was dealing with accounts and finance formalities, internal audit for income tax and general sales tax, payroll, bank accounts of factories, billing and invoicing, computerized bookkeeping, profit and loss analysis, assets tracking and reporting.


2000-2002: The University of Karachi
Qualification: M. Com (Business Administration and Commerce)

Secured 2nd division and specialized in;

Business Administration & Management
  • Application of Computer to Business
  • Business Communication
  • Business Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Research Methods
  • Business Policy
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Statistical Inference

Accounting and Finance
  • Specialized Accounting System
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • International Banking
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Governmental Accounting
  • Taxation

  • Principle of Marketing
  • International Market
  • Improved Marketing
  • Marketing in Pakistan

1996-1998: The University of Karachi
Qualification: B.Com (Business Administration and Commerce)

Secured 2nd division and specialized in;
  • Business Applications
  • Business Communication
  • Business Law
  • Economics Analysis and Policy
  • Chartered Accountancy and Audit
  • Industries in Pakistan
  • Advanced Accounting and Finance
  • Principle of Banking


  • I am Honest, loyal & dedicated to my work.
  • I am punctual, hard working & never give-up.
  • I am fluent and confident, thus get the attention.
  • Practically talkative, efficient and capable of working under pressure.


  • Working knowledge of computing under Ms Windows’s environment.
  • Ms Office (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Project, Ms Power Point)
  • Accounting (Quick Books, Peach Tree)
  • Administration (MRP, ERP)
  • Fluent in written and spoken English & Urdu.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Vast applied and object oriented knowledge.

References available upon request.
Thanks a lot for reading,

Syed Abdul Rahman Bukhari