The failure of Operation Khanjar

58584 square kilometers and a population of more than 0.7 million, Helmand is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Pashtoons are the majority, but there are also larger minorities of Hazara and Tajik, who are primarily resident. Helmand is infamous for its war-loving and reckless youths and is the world's largest opium-producing region, responsible for 42% of the world's total production. Helmand and Pakistan are indissolubly linked. Helmand has 286 kilometers long southern border with the Baluchistan province.
On 2nd July, NATO started a military offensive to bloodshed the Muslim known as "Operation Khanjer". According to American media, this operation is the largest Marine offensive after Obama became the president. About 4,000 U.S Marines 800 British and 650 Afghan troops are involved in this operation, which is Obama's largest offensive against Taliban. Allied forces are well equipped with latest and deterrent armada including dozens of 'death from above' gunship helicopters and 'sending back to stone age' horrifying tanks which can turn valleys and hills into waste lands within minutes.
According to a report of New York Times, Operation Khanjer is very important military offensive after Vietnam because significant numbers of soldiers are participating in this operation. According to NATO Spokesman, the purpose of Operation Khanjer is to clear insurgents and to stabilize the peace for the success of presidential election on 20th August. America-pleasing Governor Helmand Gulab Mangal is claiming success for Operation Khanjer, while American Commander General Larry Nicholas said, regarding this operation, that we will stay, build and work toward transition of all security responsibilities to Afghan forces.
NATO Commander, Major General Mart Kroff told the media about the presence of 12000 to 18000 Taliban militant within the Helmand region, Allied forces will push them out to control Kandahar and southern Afghanistan. Taliban has commenced a full scale offensive on the other side. Experts of Defense and Warfare say in their assessments that Helmand is a bigger province where people have soft corner for Taliban. Taliban’s war strategy is the same as it was against Soviet Union; they go into cover by the dawn and concentrate on attack after the dusk, to teach Allied forces a lesson. Thus, the entire Western world is eyeing this operation. Remember, after conquering Kabul this is the first major offensive for NATO forces. Helmand and Kandahar in Afghanistan; are two regions considered to be Taliban stronghold and had been the most dangerous sectors for coalition forces, where they are having major losses.
In past, America assigned; British forces to Helmand while Canadian forces to Kandahar, Taliban had a flawless victory by defeating coalition forces in all regions-Including Operation mountain thrust, Operation silicone and Operation Herrick but, with all the pride and power they failed to succeed over Taliban. Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah got killed in Helmand, coalition forces celebrated over the death of Mullah Dadullah assuming that such a loss would have broken Taliban’s chain of command but, spokesman for Mullah Omer had said that the shahadat of Mullah Dadullah was a blessing. Truth is, after the shahadat of Mullah Dadullah Taliban became fan-favorite within the 0.7 million population. Logically, what would be the end of Operation Khanjar? Let’s leave it to near future but, latest report from NATO forces-the result is quite significant.
According to NATO, Taliban increased their attack-run by 60% this year. During past five months Taliban attacked aggressive forces of Cairo 5220 times. This broke the record of attacks on occupier forces of past nine years and increased the hold of Taliban by remarkably 20% to 30%. The result of decisive battle in Helmand can be assessed by news of BBC. According to the news, The British Defense Ministry announced that eight British army men got killed in the past week. Thus, a total of 184 British soldiers got killed in bloodshed and massacre at Helmand. The president of British Conservative Party, David Cameron said with sheer grief that the entire British nation is grieved upon the deaths of their sons. In Kabul, the statements issued by the troop commanders and spokesmen show their great turmoil and agony. American central chief commander General Petraeus said that next few months would be extremely difficult for Allied forces in Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal, new commanding chief of Allied forces, accepted that problems for Allied forces are increasing daily, Taliban still holding the rural of Afghanistan. NATO, security advisor to President Obama and American chief of staff General Michael, James Jones says that Taliban resistance is increasing against us, on the other hand in Afghan history, White house’s mules admit; no army has never been able to defeat Afghan in this region.
P. D. H. Down, former British Ambassador for Bosnia, he said in a seminar that we are losing the war and our youths are getting killed there in Afghanistan. After 9/11, The war that Bush and his evil companions started left America with economical crisis and defeat. War expenditure gifted poverty and unemployment to the Americans. Unbelievably, there has been an increase in number of people who are living in tents. One of the American State Assemblies has passed a resolution to draw army from Afghanistan. American commanders and warfare experts are accepting their defeat but, don’t know why Obama did not deny the barbaric policies of Bush and sent more reinforcement, most of which is getting killed by Taliban.
The cry for mercy of NATO and American generals has made one thing clear and that is, like so many other operations against the Afghan in the past-this operation khanjar has also gone in vain. Not any Muslim but, American and British Generals confessed themselves for the defeat. Aristotle once said, there are few mistakes correction of which is possible to an interval, later on, the same mistake makes the nations and states suffer so badly that the existence of super powers and powerful looking nations is vanished. According to the mistakes of NATO, Britain and America-Is not this saying a message of their destruction?

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